Role of Wars

For centuries, human beings have raged war at sea. To gain the upper hand, each side would need to develop the most efficient vessels possible. Because of this, the advancement of boats can be primarily attributed to warfare.

People interested in the history of naval combat will find that the BBC website is a valuable online resource. Different boat types were created for different scenarios. For example, the Vikings were famous for their longships. These vessels took them across vast oceans quickly so that they could pillage neighbouring island nations.

In other wars, the factions were focused on bringing back as much bounty as possible. There also needed to be enough room for all of the crew members. Because of this, schooner type warships were created. These ships would often contain heavy cannons. Engineers had to come up with ways to hold more weight and keep the boats balanced.

During the First World War, there was a push to armour boats with metal casings. This has been a key trend ever since. When planes took over as a dominant element of combat, boats began to serve as aircraft carriers.